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Leakage Detection Tips of Low Temperature Freezer

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Pressure leaking detection

It is an effective way to check and find out the leakage point. The leakage detecting pressure of refrigerating system of freezer is relevant to the type of refrigerating fluid and cooling and the location of tube. The leakage detecting pressure of high-pressure system is 1.25 times greater than designing condensing pressure, while that of the low-pressure system is near 1.2 times higher than saturation pressure in condition of the temperature in summer. With it, refrigerating plant can stop from leakage no matter it is working or parking. Some cooling system should be detected according to the provisions of the pressure if there is a predefined acceptance or leakage detection standard. Obviously, the leakage detecting pressure can not be raised casually, otherwise it is likely to destroy the equipment, resulting in an accident.

Bubble test

It is a widely used detecting method at present , especially for those medium and large freezer systems that take advantage of it to search for the leak point. Generally, bubble test is comprised of soap or soap powder. The solution of soapy water should not be too ropy; if not, the viscosity will be too big to flow, worsening the sensitiveness of the test. But as an editor of Whose Low Temperature Freezer Is Best,i would like to tell you that the modulation not ought to be too dilute, or else the fluidity will be too large to be adhere to the surface of the equipment, being hard to form the bubbles. The soapy water can be applied the leaky point with hairbrush directly to observe whether this position is blistering. When it comes to the positions that are difficult to observe straightway, mirror reflection and flashlight can be used. After the test, the soapy water should be dried up in case of corrosion.

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