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Operating Principle of LNEYA Industrial Air Cooled Chillers

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Industrial Air Cooled Chillers is a heat
exchanger which USES air to cool the hot fluid. The hot fluid in the tube is
heated through the exchange of heat between the tube wall, the fin and the
outside air, which is usually supplied by the ventilator. Our industrial air
cooled chillers SUNDI -45
~250 can be applied to cooling and condensation such as condensation of
the top steam of oil refining and petrochemical industry, reflux oil, cooling
of tower bottom oil, the cooling of various reaction products, cooling of
circulating gas and condensing of steam turbine exhaust. Its working pressure
can reach 69 mpa. However, the power consumption, noise, and floor area are
large, and the cooling effect is greatly affected by climate change.


In order to avoid the heat medium affect
the performance of medium because of long-term overheating, and to facilitate
the storage or transportation, and to condense and distillate, we need to
exchange heat of the medium. Usually, heat exchange equipment should be used to
achieve the purpose of exporting, exchanging and cooling. When air is used as
one kind of medium, this equipment is called air cooled chillers.


Air cooled Kältemaschinen
is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries
as well as in the process industry.


Due to the low heat transfer coefficient of
air and the high heat transfer coefficient of tube heat medium, their
difference reaches several number grades, so we often use high fin in air
cooler, close distance of double metal finned tube as the main heat transfer
element. Heat through efficient heat exchange tube of the heat transfer medium
is passed to the air which after accepting the heat temperature rises, at this
time, the heat medium temperature drops, the air temperature rises, the hot air
is directly emitted to the atmosphere to achieve the goal of decreasing the
heat medium temperature.

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