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New product recommendation-small desktop circulating chiller FL-800N

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In recent years, with the rapid development
of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical equipment industry has also
developed rapidly. To this end, Lneya launched the small desktop circulating
chiller FL-800N, which is welcomed by the market.

At present, in the development of the
pharmaceutical equipment industry, market competition is becoming increasingly
fierce, product homogeneity is serious, and the domestic pharmaceutical
equipment market is showing a phenomenon. With the continuous introduction of
industrial chiller, Lneya has introduced a new type of small chiller-desktop
circulating chiller FL-800N in order to reduce the purchase cost of users. This
bench-top circulating chiller FL-800N is specially designed for small
laboratories, with a small footprint, which saves laboratory space and can be
placed directly on a bench or floor. It is widely used in low temperature
conditions where chemical, biological and physical experiments need to be
performed at low temperatures.

Lneya specializes in the development and
production of precision cooling water circulators. The small bench-top
circulating water chiller FL-800N has a temperature control range of 5 °C to
35 °C. The temperature of the thermally conductive liquid can be adjusted and
the temperature control accuracy is high. The device adopts international brand
accessories with stable performance and can work continuously for 24 hours.

FL-800N bench-top circulating chiller
can be used for cooling the heating part of semiconductor manufacturing
equipment, cooling the heating part of laser device, and cooling the heating
part of analysis and detection equipment. Some models are specially upgraded,
not only for cooling but also for heating. The temperature control range can
reach 5 °C to 50 °C, which greatly improves the performance of precision
cooling water circulation equipment and expands the application range of the

And a product can be favored by
customers. In addition to quality, its service is also a crucial factor. Taking
customers as the center, quality improvement is the part of Lneya. Quality
improvement is a continuous dynamic process, and it is also the continuous work
of various teams in Wuxi Guanya.

For pharmaceutical
companies, small bench-top circulating chiller products are relatively low in
price and effectively reduce the operating costs of enterprises. Today, through
continuous research and development, Lneya has formed unique technical features
and advantages in terms of products.

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