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LNEYA 2020 Badminton Tournament ended successfully

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In order to enrich employees’ spare time, enhance cohesion among employees, create a sunny, energetic and passionate working atmosphere, and demonstrate the company’s positive, healthy and upward spirit, LNEYA held the third “Guanya Cup” badminton competition. The badminton team building activity kicked off on September 26, 2020.

The players have shown their own housekeeping skills
Show offensive and defensively
One trick and one trick
Have demonstrated the extraordinary skills of the participating players
Raising shots, servings, smashes, and slams on the court, showing off their elegance
Watching the gentle and quiet little brothers and sisters on weekdays
Playing the ball is unambiguous

After a morning badminton match
The participating employees sweated like rain
A happy and meaningful badminton game ended successfully in the awards photo session

We are together at work, working hard for our dreams together
We are together in life and enjoy the happiness we create together

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