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Introduction of Industrial Chillers by Industry Manufacturers

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Industrial chiller is a kind of industrial cooling equipment, which is mainly used to solve the reaction temperature control problems such as machine overheating caused by industrial production. The common reaction kettle in industrial production is a chemical reaction method that uses a chiller to control the temperature of the reaction material, which can accurately control the temperature of the material to reach the temperature range required by the user, quickly and accurately control the temperature, and save costs. User time and cost.

How to choose an industrial chiller manufacturer?

The choice of industrial chiller depends on the qualification of the manufacturer, the quality and price of the accessories. The equipment produced by regular industrial chiller manufacturers is definitely better than that of small factories. When choosing an industrial chiller, it is recommended to first consider factories with formal production bases and relevant technical qualifications. The second point is the accessories of the industrial chiller. Although domestic accessories can save a lot of money, imported brand accessories are more stable in terms of refrigeration and service life. From the perspective of project operation, it is recommended to choose imported well-known brand accessories. Finally, look at the price. The price is mainly determined according to your own needs and budget. Compare several manufacturers and choose a chiller within your budget.

Selection criteria for industrial chillers:

1. The cooling capacity of the small industrial chiller varies with the environment and the outlet water temperature.
2. The heating capacity of the small industrial chiller will vary due to different accessories, molds and machine parameters.
3. The number calculated in the actual process is not accurate and can only be inferred by experience.
4. Any calculation will not be very accurate, and deviation during use is a normal phenomenon. But it will cause the chiller to be too large or too small, which needs attention.

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