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The relationship between vocs adsorption condensing equipment price and configuration

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The quality of vocs adsorption condensing equipment must be guaranteed. This can be used with confidence. The reason for the power consumption may also be that the gas inhaled by the BITZER compressor allows a certain degree of superheat, but the superheat is too large. The specific volume increases, the cooling capacity decreases, and the relative power consumption increases. The Bucher compressor comes to the frost, quickly closes the small suction valve, sharply reduces the amount of cooling, and relatively increases the power consumption.

As the evaporation temperature of the vocs adsorption condensing equipment decreases, the compression ratio of the BITZER compressor increases, and the energy consumption per unit of cooling capacity increases. When the evaporation temperature is lowered by 1 ° C, it consumes 3% to 4% more. Therefore, the evaporation temperature difference is reduced as much as possible, and the evaporation temperature is increased, which not only saves power consumption, but also improves the relative humidity of the cold room.

During the cooling process, the condensing temperature increases, the compression ratio of the compressor increases, and the energy consumption per unit of cooling capacity increases. If the heat exchange surface of the condenser and the evaporator is covered with an oil layer, the condensation temperature rises and the evaporation temperature decreases, resulting in a decrease in the amount of cooling and an increase in power consumption.

When the scale of the wall of the condenser of the condensing device of the condensing device reaches 1.5 mm, the condensation temperature rises by 2.8 ° C than the temperature before the fouling, and the power consumption increases by 9.7. The vocs adsorption condensing device evaporator surface is covered with a layer of frost, which reduces the heat transfer coefficient. Especially when the outer surface of the finned tube is frosted, it not only increases the heat transfer resistance but also makes the air flow between the fins difficult. Reduce the heat transfer coefficient and heat dissipation area of the exterior. When the indoor temperature is lower than 0 °C, when the temperature difference between the two sides of the evaporator tube group is 10 °C, the heat transfer coefficient of the evaporator after working for one month is about 70 before frosting.

The price of vocs adsorption condensing equipment is still appropriate depending on the configuration. Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) has been carefully developed and achieved satisfactory results.

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