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Battery pack cooling water machine Chiller use precautions

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The battery pack cooling water machine Chiller is used for the new energy battery pack cooling system. The user needs to pay attention to avoid misuse during operation, which causes the battery pack cooling and circulating water machine Chiller to malfunction.

Battery pack cooling circulating water machine Chiller’s electrical system needs to pay attention to the electrical control system including power local and automatic control local, the power supply is partially through the contactor, supply power to the compactor, fan, water pump, etc., the automatic control part includes the thermostat, pressure Maintenance, delay, relay, overload maintenance, etc. are combined with each other to achieve automatic start and stop, maintenance and other functions according to water temperature.

The liquid reservoir device is in direct communication with the discharge pipe of the condenser after the condenser, and the refrigerant liquid of the condenser should flow unimpeded into the liquid reservoir, so that the cooling area of the condenser can be fully utilized. On the other hand, when the heat load of the evaporator changes, the demand for the refrigerant liquid also changes. At this time, the reservoir functions to regulate and store the refrigerant. The battery pack cooling water machine Chiller must prevent moisture and dirt (oil, iron filings, copper filings) from entering the refrigeration cycle, if the moisture in the system is not cleaned, when the refrigerant passes through the throttle valve (thermal shrink valve or In the case of a capillary tube, moisture may solidify into ice due to pressure and temperature drop, which may block the passage and affect the normal operation of the refrigeration installation.

Before the battery pack cooling circulating water machine Chiller is in operation, it is necessary to pay attention to connect the power cord (5m) connected to the control unit to the power supply when connecting the power supply. At this time, it is necessary to connect the ground terminal ( E) Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock due to misuse and water leakage. The machine water supply needs to pay attention to close the water tank drain valve, open the water source valve, water supply valve, cold water output valve, cold water input valve. Regarding the water temperature and flow rate of cooling water and refrigerant water, the user should follow the data provided on the technical parameter table, otherwise the machine will not work properly.

The above is to learn more about some use points before use, avoid misunderstandings, and use the battery pack cooling water machine Chiller more efficiently. You can contact LNEYA when you need to know the device parameters or even the device video. Email address:

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