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The Importance of Choosing a Quality Chiller Manufacturer

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The first is professional operators.

Professional refrigeration practitioners are the prerequisite for the maintenance, repair and maintenance of the chiller. If there are no professionals to work on the refrigeration equipment, it will not only cause difficulties in equipment maintenance, but also hide potential dangers.

Industrial chiller is an electrical industrial equipment, which involves technical and environmental operating conditions such as electricity, water and heating. The staff are required to be equipped with professional labor protection tools and professional testing equipment. Non professional personnel are required to operate, maintain and repair, which will greatly increase the probability of accidents.

In addition, when the chiller is running, a variety of abnormal phenomena may be caused by a single fault, including excessive or high suction and exhaust pressure, temperature alarm problems, low refrigeration capacity and refrigeration efficiency, heat dissipation and ventilation problems, etc. whether it is mechanical problems, electrical system and pipeline problems, non professionals may not be able to solve the problems from the root and delay the maintenance time of the chiller.

For example, for the high-pressure alarm of the chiller, non professionals will suspect that there is a problem with the equipment itself, ignoring the objective factors of environmental ventilation and drying, and there is no professional guidance for installation and commissioning, which will cause problems in the later stage. Before, the technicians of LNEYA water chiller had encountered the frequent high-pressure alarm of 4 typhoon water chillers in a listed liquor brewing workshop because of the wrong calculation of ventilation volume.

Therefore, the installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of the chiller should be guided and operated by professional refrigeration personnel, which is closely related to the after-sales service of the chiller manufacturer.

The second is the source manufacturer of industrial chillers.
The source manufacturer of water chiller refers to the manufacturer with the design and production of industrial water chiller. It selects and customizes the production according to the refrigeration capacity, environment, configuration and purpose of the water chiller according to the needs of customers. The after-sales service it provides is also a factor that industry partners should consider when choosing chillers.

Usually, the source manufacturers of industrial chillers gather many years of experience in refrigeration equipment installation, repair and maintenance, and a professional technical service team to provide services around the clock to solve the after-sales installation, repair and maintenance services of industrial chillers and large refrigeration equipment.

Especially for the non-standard project of non-standard customized chiller with special materials, it can give 24-hour telephone response and answer the actual operation problems at any time. Power failure, water pump failure, compressor failure, pressure switch failure, compressor overheating failure and other common chiller problems can be effectively guaranteed.

Our LNEYA is a chiller manufacturer in China.Our customers are all over the fields of biopharmaceutical, chip manufacturing and testing, automobile quality testing and battery manufacturing. Our original intention is to provide special temperature solutions for enterprises that need temperature control. If you also have this demand, you can contact us

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