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What aspects need to be considered in the external circulation cooling system of the test bench?

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As we all know, the test room needs to be equipped with a cooling system for vehicle performance and comprehensive transmission, road simulation, electromagnetic compatibility, power battery, vehicle environment and other tests.

In the automobile inspection test, the inspection of the engine is an important task, so how to design the cooling system of the test bench for the inspection of the engine, especially the diesel engine?

When the diesel engine is working, high temperature will cause wear and tear of parts and oil aging, which will restrict the service life of the diesel engine, so cooling is one of the key systems, but the cooling should not be excessive, which will cause rough work, high oil viscosity, and low mechanical efficiency, so the appropriate cooling degree is better .

For the design of the circulating cooling water system of the test bench, the cooling process should be reasonable, the water supply should be sufficient, the water return should be smooth, and the water flow and water pressure should be reasonably controlled.

1. To determine the amount of cooling water

To calculate the amount of cooling water, five factors should be considered: the calorific value of the engine under standard operating conditions, the calorific value of the maximum operating conditions, the proportion of heat taken away by cooling water and engine oil, the number of test rooms, and the total cooling efficiency and loss.

2. Formulate water supply and return water plan

The whole water supply system is generally composed of common water pumps and spare pumps. The flow of the pumps is adjusted by the amount of water required for the engine bench test, and the operation is controlled automatically. The return water system adopts pressure return water.

3 Refrigeration system design and selection
4 Design and construction of hot and cold water pools
5 water treatment device

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